DREAM MAPPING The Memory Palace: The Mansion of the Soul

4 min readJun 18, 2021


Dream Memory and Sleep Hypnosis Workshop this SATURDAY (19th June)

SARAH JANES www.themysteries.org

Whilst I walked through the valley yesterday, I got to thinking about how ancient people interacted with the landscape around them and how perception of time and space might differ in the modern mindset.

The earliest people exploring new terrain, often had no specific place to go, no route, no map, they allowed their senses to guide them through space. In doing so they cultivated a dynamic, vital relationship with the natural world. It is no wonder they knew it as LIVING.

Moving within a web of natural reciprocal language. They responded to the subtle phenomena of the world around them, inner and outer qualia intermixing. Naturally they would gravitate towards auspicious and harmonious landscapes. Their pattern recognition abilities drew them to areas of sustenance, shelter and peace.

This is a similar experience to that of traversing the dream realms. We return to this primal way of experiencing reality. We can recognise signposts, we can see the same places over and over again but we are experiencing them (particulary in lucid states) with a degree of immediacy which can be lacking from waking reality. In lucid states we become aware of the reciprocity of the dream world as our intentions manifest. We recognise the play of thought and form.

A dream version of the the mnemonic device ‘Method of Loci — or Memory Palace’ is a technique I use to work holistically within the dream space, to deepen the understanding of self and curate the kind of enriching and meaningful dream experiences I enjoy the most.

Working with dream memory for lucidity. We will be playing memory games, working with language, story, sleep hypnosis and more.

When we dream, we create the psychic architecture of our innermost being. We incubate our waking selves in the dream sphere.

Encoded within the cityscapes, landscapes, characters, animals and finest details of our dreams, are our emotions, memories and the knowledge of our highest-self.

When we create maps of our dream landscape — we can add features and analyse existing ones, creating feedback between conscious and subconscious awareness. In doing so we increase the likelihood of lucid episodes.

Becoming lucid is about remembering who and where you are whilst you are in a dream.

This workshop will last for around 2 hours and you will need art materials of some sort. This session will feature a long Sleep Hypnosis section and participants will receive a recording to use at their leisure.

Tickets are £10 and available through TicketSource or

PayPal: £10 to address: sarah@awakeandaway.co.uk // Ref: Dream Map 2

Please contact me if you have any questions or queries: sarah@awakeandaway.co.uk // +44(0)7786 686 786

Join this workshop to learn about dream mapping and the Memory Palace mnemonic device for improving dream memory.

We will explore how language becomes visualised in the dream state and experiment with sensory experiences to influence dream content.

Many of us dream of wonderful places, fantastic landscapes, childhood homes and futuristic cities. Our dreams feature tsunamis, labyrinthine train stations, strange foreign vistas and underground shopping malls.

Dream mapping can help you make sense of these locations and help to consolidate dream memory. Creating a coherent dream map will help you make sense of the psychic architecture and landscaping of your dreaming mind.

The goal is to increase dreaming eloquence, so that you can extract the very best out of dreaming and increase the likelihood of lucidity. The foundation of lucidity is remembering who and where you are.

You can build upon your dream map with past, present, future dreams and reflections. We will investigate your dream motifs and recurring themes and this will give you the tools to become a dream director, recognising those essential elements that make up your dream oeuvre and examining your personal mythology.

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Author, researcher, presenter and workshop host exploring the anthropology of sleep, ancient dream cultures and philosophy www.themysteries.org