SARAH JANES has been an enthusiastic lucid dreamer since childhood and has written about dreams, dream culture and the anthropology of dreaming for a number of academic journals, the Idler magazine and more.

Sarah’s first book Initiation into Dream Mysteries, Drinking from the Pool of Mnemosyne is out now (Dec 2022/UK release date Feb 2023) with US publisher Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. and distributed by Simon & Schuster in the United Kingdom. This book explores the ancient history and culture of the dream as a form of medicine and oracular medium in the Western Esoteric tradition, beginning in deepest antiquity through to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece. It also has seven narrative sections in it which are inspired by her own dream incubation practices. The stories are designed to act as psychomagic primers to influence your dreams and take you on a self-initiatory conscious dream quest.

Sarah has given talks on the subject of dreaming at conferences, festivals and events all over Europe and hosts her own online Egyptology lecture series Explorers Egyptology in which she has had many esteemed Egyptologists and ancient history scholars and experts as guests.

Last year Sarah is curating a series of events and talks to coincide with the touring exhibition #FEMININEPOWER at the British Museum, she is working on a sitcom about paranormal investigators and developing sleep hygiene/reality shifting workshops to tackle sleep deprivation in teenagers. This year she is putting together a series of talks that explore the #AnthropologyofMagic.

Sarah is also working with author and biologist Rupert Sheldrake and Guy Hayward at the British Pilgrimage Trust to reinvigorate the practice of dream incubation on pilgrimage in the UK.

Sarah co-hosts a weekly chat show - Consciousness Hour with author and researcher Anthony Peake. Anthony specialises in writing about exceptional human experience and anomalous phenomenon. On Consciousness Hour - life after death, dreams, Near Death Experience and OBEs, psychedelics, altered states, synchronicity, parapsychology and time perception are regular themes.

Alongside Carl Hayden Smith from the Learning Technologies Department of Ravensbourne University, London, Sarah developed The Seventh Ray, a virtual initiation experience inspired by ancient Mystery School traditions.

Sarah is presenting at the Pari Centre in Tuscany in June and co-ordinating a Dream Symposium in Athens in Oct 2023. For more information about all of her projects please visit:

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Author, researcher, presenter and workshop host exploring the anthropology of sleep, ancient dream cultures and philosophy